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4-11 Array *

Baby Tiger went to bed at 10.15 p.m. and got up at 7.25 a.m. Baby Donkey went to bed 40 minutes earlier and got up 20 minutes later. How much time did baby Donkey sleep?

4-12 Array

 Restless Little Ball decided to have a walk and jumped out of the window in a multistorey building, which was 12 meters above the ground. Every time it touched the ground, it jumped up half the height of the previous jump. From what height will it jump when it strikes the ground 3rd time? What is the total distance the Ball traveled before it strikes the ground for the 3rd time?

4-13 Array

 Carlson decided to rent his propeller on the following conditions: one can fly 1 hour for 4 pastries, and 2 hours – for the whole cake. How much time is it possible to fly with a propeller for 6 pastries and a half of the cake?

4-14 Array

 The weight of Winnie the Pooh is 20 кg. When he ate half of the barrel of honey, his weight immediately became 23 кg. How many kilograms of honey were there in the barrel at the beginning?

4-15 Array

To rescue her 11 brothers-swans from the spell of the wicked witch, Eliza decided to weave for each of them clothes from nettle to cover their bodies to turn them into human bodies again. Accordingly, courageous Eliza picked 32 kg of nettle. However, she calculated that there would not be enough nettle for a sleeve of the last garment. The missing sleeve would cause her youngest brother to keep a wing.
How much nettle does Eliza have to pick to cover his wing? What is the weight of the saving garment?

4-16 Array *

 If little Piggy bought 5 balloons, he would have 40 kopecks left. If he decides to buy 7 balloons, he will need 10 kopecks more. How much does one balloon cost?

4-17 Array *

How many pets does Professor Brainy have if all but two are dogs, all but two are cats and all but two are parrots?

4-18 Array

Children were creating animal figures from clay. Boys were making roosters and girls were making kittens. The number of feet of the animals they made together was 50. How many girls and how many boys are there in the class if every child created one animal, and together they made 20 animals?

4-19 Array *

How to distribute 7 full, 7 empty and 7 half-empty honey-cans between 3 trucks so that there is the same quantity of honey and the same number of cans on each truck? There are 2 ways of doing this without removing honey from one can and putting it into another. What are the two ways?


The long-awaited football championship had begun! A team of little monkeys and a team of little tigers were fighting for the champion’s title. They played 3 matches. Monkeys won the 1st game and lost the 3rd one. The second game was a tie. Altogether little monkeys scored 3 goals and missed one. What was the score of each match?

: 32. : 11 - 20. : 1 - 10 | 11 - 20 | 21 - 30 | 31 - 32 

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