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Tasks total: 15. Shown: 1 - 10. More: 1 - 10 | 11 - 15 

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In each row cross out the figure that does not belong.

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Which figure should be put in place of question mark in each line? Choose it from the numbered figures.

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A little dragon with a sweet tooth likes candies. It has 6 candies. How long will the candies last if it eats 1 candy every 20 minutes?

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A jug with a genie weighs 20 pounds. The jug is 14 pounds heavier than the genie. What is the weight of the genie?

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Little rabbits decided to celebrate the New Year under the tallest pine tree in the forest. Each rabbit brought 3 carrots and 1 cabbage. How many rabbits were there at the celebration, if there were 50 carrots more than cabbages on the table?

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On Sunday a kind little hippopotamus decided to take frogs on a ride. At first some frogs jumped on his back. On the way near the lily pads 6 more passengers joined them. On reaching the shore, the little hippopotamus said good-bye to 8 frogs, and 7 frogs remained on his back. How many frogs jumped on his back at first?

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Drago, a dragon with three heads, ate dumplings for dinner from 12 pots. The first and the second heads ate dumplings from 9 pots, and the second and third heads ate dumplings from 7 pots. How many pots were emptied by each head?

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Baron Munchausen decided to cross the ocean on a canon ball. Having flown half of the way, he fell asleep and slept the second half of the way. How many minutes did Munchausen sleep if the whole journey took 12 minutes?

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What number is hidden behind each figure? In each task the same figure represents the same digit.

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Put 7 coins in 2 rows so that each row has 4 coins.

Tasks total: 15. Shown: 1 - 10. More: 1 - 10 | 11 - 15 

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